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Interview with Channels Of Bureaucracy fanzine

CHANNELS OF BUREAUCRACY: Well where the hell do I begin? you guys have actually been out for little while. And are one of the few bands that still stick to that DIY, old school drunk punk style. What keeps you guys inspired to keep on? Especially when more listener friendly, happy punk rock seems to be taking over?

Blackout Matt: We keep on because we love good old school hardcore punk music. I guess we could be commercially successful if we made bland pop-punk music, and I could lose more weight if I went on a diet of dog shit and ginger ale. It just doesn't suit our tastes.

Mike Moosehead: We're doing what we love to do for ourselves and not sacrificing anything to be more popular. That's just not what we're about. We're about keeping the music true to what we believe in. We're just lucky that some people out there like it.

Seth Amphetamines: We have faced the fact that we're not kids anymore (all in our 30s), but that doesn't mean we have lost any of the passion for the music. I've been into the kind of music we're playing for over 20 years now and I don't recall too many of those kinds of bands just changing one day to sell more records. Yeah you have some of the old-schoolers touring and stuff now, but I just think it's for old glory and maybe a few bucks. They're not really making a living from it...they never did. We haven't forgotten what it's all about, and it's sad too many bands have. Sure we like to make a buck her and there, but we don't have any delusions of grandeur. I guess we come from the school where making money from punk really didn't happen. We work regular jobs, but doing this band and this music keeps us sane and doesn't let us forget what matters...having a good fucking time! Beer and gas money doesn't hurt either.

CHANNELS OF BUREAUCRACY: Tell everybody who you are, what you do in the band and what caused your mental instabilities?

Blackout Matt: I play bass and my mental instabilities are caused by being left in the sun when I was a baby.

Mike Moosehead: I'm the guy on guitar. If I could remember what caused my mental instability I'd tell ya.

Seth Amphetamines: Vocals, mayhem. I guess if I had to blame anything it would be fast food and alcohol. Pretty much kicked the fast food, but you can't expect much else.

Stefan Homicide: Drums, knives.

CHANNELS OF BUREAUCRACY: If I'm not mistaken you guys have a couple of demos and are featured on at least one comp, NY Shitty Punk. What are your future plans for "Blackout Shoppers?" Is a full length on its way anytime soon?

Blackout Matt: We hope to record a full-length CD later this year. We are going to be on one or two more compilations and are going to do a split CD with World War IX.

CHANNELS OF BUREAUCRACY: Were you guys in any bands before "Blackout Shoppers?"

Blackout Matt: I was in a few bands that never went anywhere, my favorite being White Perverts, which consisted of me and my brother. We occasionally consider reviving that band, but have so far held off as a favor to society.

Mike Moosehead: I've been playing in and out of bands since about 1989, but the only notable band I played in was Beer Drinking Fools(2001-???). We've never officially broken up and you might be able to catch a reunion show sometime in the future if we ever sober up enough to get our asses together. I'm also currently playing bass with another band from NYC called Sammytown Jones.

Seth Amphetamines: Kind of like Mike, I've been in and out of bands for about the same amount of time. The only one of note was Daisycutter. We were a Jersey Shore- based angry, mutant rock band. I suppose they were most reminiscent of bands like Helmet, Unsane, Cows, Jesus Lizard, etc. That lasted from 91-95. We were signed to a small indie and have 2 CDs and 3 or 4 7" records floating around out there. Yeah there's a bunch of bands with that name out now, but we did our homework, we were the first. After that, I hadn't done a whole lot until reconnecting with the first Blackout Shoppers guitarist Bruce (aka Richard Move). He was in Buzzkill (on Alternative Tentacles) and back in Jersey we played a lot of shows together. He had to leave a few months after joining us, big lawyer job out in San Fran. Moose stepped right in after, the rest is history. Stefan recently joined and he played with The Champions and The Blue Bloods.

CHANNELS OF BUREAUCRACY: How is your local scene? Is there a lot of support for bands like yours? Any touring plans?

Blackout Matt: New York is a paradox. On one hand, there are a lot of great fans here who are into authentic hardcore punk rock. On the other hand, there are fewer and fewer music venues available. We're set to lose two important music clubs this year: CBGB and The Continental. We've already lost a bunch of good clubs over the past few years and punk music is not alone in this regard. What will separate our scene is that we will make our own venues eventually. We definitely plan to tour as much as we can.

Seth Amphetamines: I can say, without a doubt, there is a punk scene here. Most of us know each other, we're at each other's shows; we help out where we can...especially touring bands. If you're from out of town NYC is very difficult to get on a decent night or show. Clubs are too either demanding or just looking to fill a time slot so they'll put a band anywhere. It's good to have other bands that are doing shows here regularly and know how to deal with it. We've helped out plenty, others have done the same for us so when we do go out of town, and we have a bit, we'll hopefully get support. We're already hit a few cities...Boston, Philly, Baltimore and a few places in Jersey. We'll hit em again and probably the Midwest too. Hopefully before long we'll get to Canada and California, already have people asking us to come out.

CHANNELS OF BUREAUCRACY: I hear your live show is actually almost scary. Seth will actually start jumping in peoples faces and screaming?

Seth Amphetamines: Look, if you come to a Blackout Shoppers show I can tell you most people aren't standing around just listening to us. We don't have a message, if we did we'd put out a newsletter. We're not pretty so we don't pose. I can't say I purposely antagonize anyone, GG Allin did a fine job of that, but you will get the full brunt of the music from us. It's loud, it's fast, it's in your face, it's good old-timey hardcore punk the way momma used to make.

CHANNELS OF BUREAUCRACY: How was it sharing the stage with Murphys Law? I know Jimmy Gestapo is prone to the same type of strange erratic behavior.

Blackout Matt: It was great to open for Murphy's Law, because they have carried the torch of hardcore punk for a long time and they are a big influence on anyone doing this kind of music today. If I had to choose between being locked in a room with Jimmy Gestapo or Seth, that would be a very tough choice; either way there would be blood.

CHANNELS OF BUREAUCRACY: So you aren't signed? Is that by choice? You seem to be getting a lot of recognition at least in the underground scene. You've done plenty of out of town shows, and even played CBGB's if I'm not mistaken. How are you received away from home?

Blackout Matt: We have sent CDs to different record companies, and at least one has shown an interest. We're very well received out of town.

Seth Amphetamines: I can't really say not being signed is by choice, but it hasn't been a big priority. For the kind of music we're doing, it's almost better that we're putting it out with our own money and taking it on the road when we can. A label at this point would only serve for distribution purposes...personally I think that's the best-case scenario and we are looking into that. When we go out of town it's been good. We've been fortunate enough to hook up with out of town bands that have some local appeal and they set us up. It's finally at a point where we do have fans and bands asking us to come back or find out when we're coming out to them. You can't ask for more than that for a bunch of no- names like us.

CHANNELS OF BUREAUCRACY: Well I for one can say that you guys are awesome. I'm looking forward to maybe some shows around here. Where can we find Blackout Shoppers records?

Blackout Matt: You can order the New York Shitty 2005 compilation online at our website, and our EP is free. Come to one of our shows and you can go home with a free CD and some free pins and stickers. Then we'll come to your house and fuck your mother free of charge also - that's how customer friendly we are.

Mike Moosehead: I'd like to add that all of our songs are available on our website free for download.

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